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Breakfast Power

The importance of eating breakfast is not necessarily unknown by most people but it is often ignored by many. In addition to the energy a morning meal provides after a time of fasting, concentration and focus will be improved with the intake of breakfast.  Deficiencies in energy and micronutrients such as iron reduce productivity which can increase stress.  The simple truth is that breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than breakfast skippers.

Eating a morning meal as a daily habit should be instilled in children at a young age to ensure they meet their nutrient requirements. High fibre cereals fortified with iron are a significant source of daily iron. Iron deficiency in toddlers and young children can have a negative impact on learning potential when starting school. Iron is an important nutrient for cognitive development and function which includes concentration and memory recall.

Excuses for skipping this nutritional opportunity are endless but the health benefits of eating a well balanced meal before starting your day are well worth waking up a little earlier. If time is short, set the family table with a high fibre cereal, fruit, bowls and spoons right after the dinner clear up. All you need to do is grab the milk in the morning. If you need more inspiration, try some of these recipes:Breakfast

Banana Split Brekkie

A banana split, while perhaps old fashioned, and typically served as dessert can be given a healthy make-over. Bananas are often listed as one of few fruits that kids, and sometimes even adults, enjoy. Why not take a simple banana to the next level of enjoyment. Rich in nutrients, fibre and protein, a healthy banana split brekkie could surely entice breakfast skippers and lazy eaters. Bananas are rich in energy and often

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Smoothie Design

Smoothie design is half the preparation work done. While already quick to prepare, smoothie making can be even quicker if you plan ahead. Simply design a few recipes using the Smoothie Design infographic guide below which will help you create a good balance of nutrients with sensible portion control. It is important to be careful not to create a kilojoule bomb of a smoothie if you are trying to lose

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Christmas Muesli

This Christmas Muesli is inspired by my love for muesli together with the knowledge that it can be a very energy dense breakfast choice if sweetened with honey or sugar. As breakfast remains important no matter the season, why not try this Christmas Muesli for a healthy but novel breakfast option in the Christmas holidays. Muesli can be deceptive in that is is made from healthy oats, dried fruit and nuts

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Date Paste How To

Date paste is my latest and greatest Pinterest success! Already a fan of dates, I did not need much convincing to give this recipe a go. Incredibly easy to make, date paste makes for a tasty sugar substitute. While it does have an energy value due to the natural carbohydrate content of dates, it is not nutrient empty and very little paste is required for the reward of its incredible

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Bran Muffins with a Twist

This recipe for bran muffins has a low sugar content, making it a baked treat well worth making at home rather than buying muffins from a supermarket or coffee shop. In addition to the high fibre content, you have the freedom to add more nutrients with fruit, nuts or seeds. Muffins can be topped with peanut butter, cottage cheese or hummus but adding a twist with the optional add-ins below makes this a very versatile

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Overnight Oats

A definite breakfast craze at the moment and an easy way to save time in the morning. Breakfast is essential to supplying your brain with fuel, kick starting your metabolism and meeting your nutrient requirements for the day. How you achieve it is up to you but I love the concept of overnight oats, which allows you to prepare your breakfast in a matter of minutes the night before. There

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Easter Egg Toast Fun

Egg toast is a great breakfast option and enjoyed by most. This quick meal can take on many varieties and designs … scrambled egg, poach egg, French toast, boiled egg with toast soldiers … and even egg in toast!  As this takes a little more time and creativity, it is perfect for novel occasions when you want to present something  little more special. The cut out shape has endless possibilities! To

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Breakfast Power

It is a well known fact that breakfast is a very important meal but it remains the meal that is least enjoyed or most often sacrificed. While most breakfast skippers are able to acknowledge this morning meal for its benefit in kick starting the metabolism after a night of fasting, breakfast has far more to offer! Breakfast needs to be merited as a nutritional opportunity and appreciated for its ease.

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Apple Butter

Apple butter is a tasty topper for oats or peanut butter toast and makes for a nutritious, naturally sugar free substitute to sugar, jam or syrup. Made with cinnamon, this apple butter is easy to prepare and adds great flavour without the need for added sugar. Adding sugar to cereals, porridge, teas and coffees can add up to a large intake of empty and unnecessary energy. The World Health Organisation (WHO)

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Cereal D.I.Y

  I love breakfast and do not leave home without it. That said, I opt for a quick breakfast of cereal or oats rather than cooking eggs which I like to enjoy on the weekends with a fruit smoothie or whole-wheat toast. Cereal has landed itself with a bad reputation as far as healthy breakfast options go because a) it is a rich source of carbohydrate, b) it often has

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