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Dinner Time

Dinner TimeDinner is the best opportunity to enjoy a family meal. It is also the meal most likely to contain vegetables. Vegetables should be consumed daily and should fill half the dinner plate. This ensures and adequate intake of fibre rich, micronutrient dense vegetables while promoting portion control of meat and starch. The fibre found in vegetables improves digestion, promotes gut health and sustains fullness. This reduces the likelihood of snacking on energy dense foods after dinner such as chocolate or biscuits.

While fast foods are convenient, they are a poor substitute for a home cooked meal when it comes to nutrient value. Cooking at home can double up as a quality family time and should be valued as such. Eating well is a life long habit that can be passed on from parent to child. The easiest way to achieve this is by appropriate meal provision and example. Children are clever and intuitive but they do require role models when it comes to food. Be sure to promote healthy eating habits and food preferences.

Healthy eating does not need to be bland, boring or time consuming. Grab some inspiration here:

Brown Rice Bowls

As brown rice is a wholegrain, it is one of the high fibre carbohydrate containing foods we should be including as part of a nutritious diet. The term ‘well balanced meal’ is no cliche but rather a simplified description of a meal that is nutritionally complete for the complex requirements of our fascinating bodies. The brain needs glucose supplied by unrefined carbs while the muscles need carbs for both fuel

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Savoury mince made simple

Savoury mince is a quick family dish and can be served in many ways… with pasta or rice, on top a jacket potato, in a pita pocket, on whole-wheat toast or rolled up in a wrap. Variety is key to reduce boredom often associated with healthy eating. Time is of the essence for many a mom, student or new bride which makes a portfolio of quick but most importantly nutritious

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Butter Bean Smash

This butter bean smash is quick and easy to prepare but is not short on taste. Mashed potatoes is a often a family favourite, described as comfort food. The problem with the peeling of potatoes, however, is the loss of fibre with the loss of the skin. Every meal should contain fibre and leaving the skin on potatoes is an easy way to increase the fibre content. Baby potatoes are

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Homemade Pasta Sauces

Homemade pasta sauces might sound like too much of a chore when a pasta dish is often a quick go to meal when time is short. While very convenient and tasty, store bought pasta sauce jars are generally high in added sugar and/or salt, making them a less healthy option for regular weeknight family dinners. Making your own pasta sauce allows you to cram more vegetables into a fuss free family meal and is

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Polenta & Paprika Crusted Chicken Breasts

Convenient to come by, chicken breasts are no doubt a great source of lean protein. They do however need some help in the flavour department. Short of deep frying them in a batter, which I cannot recommend, chicken breasts are often too dry or too tough. I find it makes a big difference to pound them between two pieces of cling film (thank you Jaimie Oliver) and marinate them in

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Chicken & Chickpea Casserole

  The simple chickpea is one of my favourite ingredients! Both convenient and nutritious, it is difficult to ignore. To mind the versatility of chickpeas is endless. Think hummus, vegetable protein, pasta sauces, soups, stews and curries… This particular Chicken and Chickpea Casserole recipe forms part of one of my most favourite cooking endevours to date. It was part of a “lunch for 60” that as dietetic students we had to plan,

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Rooibos Tea Fish Rub

A Rooibos Tea Fish Rub might seem odd to many but Rooibos is a tea we can claim as our very own here in South Africa which makes it rather special. Free from caffeine and low in tannins normally found in black teas, Rooibos tea is preferred by many, especially before bed. There is nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book but the use of

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Soup Mix: All-in-One

  A soup mix is a great thing to have on hand for when you need a comforting meal or cooking inspiration lacks. Lovely for winter, soup can be packed with good nutrition for gut health and immune protection. Using healthy staple pantry items, this healthy soup mix is quick to put together and makes a great gift for a gracious host, a new home, a student, an elderly friend,

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Moroccan Chicken Pasta Salad

Moroccan flavours are among my favourite and seem make a meal more satisfying. Serving food in a jar has become somewhat fashionable of late. Glass is becoming increasingly popular for the environmentally conscious as it can be reused and recycled safely. Presenting food and beverages in glass jars is also decorative and is often seen at functions and picnics. The biggest appeal seems to be in the offering of a personal

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Roasted Butternut, Rocket & Pumpkin Seed Salad

Roasted butternut is a winner on any menu in my opinion but in warm weather it seems best served in a salad. The pumpkin seeds can be roasted with the butternut or added raw as a sprinkle on top of the salad. A seed mix is also an option. As a side for a braai, a quickly seared steak, a homemade burger patty or grilled fish, the roasted butternut salad

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Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is a great way to pack in vegetables and fibre! It is also a perfect meatLESS Monday dish! Print PDF

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Homemade Burgers

Homemade burgers are not only tastier than take away or frozen varieties but they can be healthier too. Don’t be tempted by the lure of the neon signs that highlight all the fast food outlets along your route home. Using extra lean mince and oats to make your own patties, serve with brown bread rolls, roasted red pepper and avocado, these burgers contribute great nutrition without the high quantities of

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Mac ‘n Cheese the Healthy Way

A healthy twist on a favourite dish, this Mac ‘n Cheese is higher in fibre and lower in fat that the traditional recipes out there! Macaroni and cheese is a popular go to dish for a quick family meal and is often made at the request of the smalls in the family. As a result, this dish is consumed with regularity. Mostly served minus vegetables and often with with added bacon,

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Baked Potato Wedges

These baked potato wedges are a healthier alternative to fried chips! Avoiding fried foods as a rule is good practice for achieving a healthier lifestyle and makes weight management far easier. Potatoes are often shunned for their carbohydrate content. Practicing good portion control and avoiding fried potatoes means you can, and should, keep potatoes in your diet. they assist with nutrient diversity and fibre intake while being a naturally, unrefined

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Pumpkin & Chickpea Curry

This Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry combines two of my favourite foods and is perfect for MeatLESS Monday or a quick weekend meal. Easy to prepare, it tastes like winter warmth and provides a healthy dose of fibre and vitamin A. It is important to remember that meat free or vegetarian meals still require a protein reich element and as a convenient ingredient, chickpeas provide just that in this dish. Chickpeas,

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Meat Balls & Spaghetti {Higher fibre make-over}

Meat balls & Spaghetti is a favourite meal of mine and super easy to prepare. I love making meat balls and eating meat balls in equal measure. I enjoy making them from scratch and adding additional fibre. Using oats or oat bran instead of bread crumbs is an easy way to increase the fibre content of the meat balls. The addition of oat bran to meals is good for cholesterol reduction. Adding

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Star Fish Cakes with Lemon Mayo Dip

A regular intake of fatty fish helps to supply essential fatty acids, not made by the body, but much needed for brain health and their anti-inflammatory properties. These star fish cakes are made from pilchards and are the perfect way to disguise these often rejected fish. Without a regular intake of fatty fish and omega enriched food products, supplementation of omega 3 is required. Omega 6 is more readily available

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