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meatLESS Monday

Meatless Monday or Meatfree Monday is an environmental initiative to reduce the consumption of meat and ultimately the carbon emissions resulting from this human dietary habit. While I do not strictly advocate that people should follow vegetarian or vegan diets, especially without careful planning and assistance from a dietitian, there is much to be said for the regular consumption of plant proteins as meat substitutes. These same plant proteins, namely legumes and soya, are high in fibre and therefore further beneficial.

If you cannot bear the thought of too many a meat free meal, make the effort to do so just once week. Your health and the environment will be better for it. Monday makes sense following a possible indulgence in meat on the weekend. Besides, South Africans love to braai so we really should do our bit.

And if even one week sounds like too much of an ask, legumes make for great, an economical, meat extenders. Feeding large families requires good budgeting and clever shopping. Instead of buying low grade, high fat or imported meat products because they are cheaper, buy better, leaner meat and add butter beans, chickpeas, lentils or split peas. The options are endless.

Brown Rice Bowls

As brown rice is a wholegrain, it is one of the high fibre carbohydrate containing foods we should be including as part of a nutritious diet. The term ‘well balanced meal’ is no cliche but rather a simplified description of a meal that is nutritionally complete for the complex requirements of our fascinating bodies. The brain needs glucose supplied by unrefined carbs while the muscles need carbs for both fuel

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Homemade Pasta Sauces

Homemade pasta sauces might sound like too much of a chore when a pasta dish is often a quick go to meal when time is short. While very convenient and tasty, store bought pasta sauce jars are generally high in added sugar and/or salt, making them a less healthy option for regular weeknight family dinners. Making your own pasta sauce allows you to cram more vegetables into a fuss free family meal and is

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The Humble EGG

With Easter around the corner, it seems like a good time to shed some light on the nutrient value in a single egg. Eggs have longed been associated with cholesterol, and as a result avoided by many. While it is true that eggs contain cholesterol, they contain a host of other beneficial nutrients too. Cutting eggs out of your diet is likely to do more harm than good.  It is possible

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Hummus made easy

I love chickpeas and therefore I love hummus. Chickpeas are a good source of plant protein and fibre and can be added to many a dish or simply roasted for a healthy snack. Adding chickpeas to soups, stews, curries, salads an roasted vegetables is an easy way to add more fibre to your family meals. Canned chickpeas are a great pantry staple but you can also cook up a large

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Basil Pesto Creamed

Basil pesto adds a punch of flavour to any dish but can be expensive with its traditional ingredient of pine nuts. Eaten in large amounts, it would also contribute a lot of excess fat and kilojoules. This is not ideal as it is unlikely to be the main ingredient of a dish but rather an added extra or a dip for snack foods. By combining the main ingredient, being basil,

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Mushroom Patѐ

A mushroom patѐ is a perfect vegetarian alternative to cheese. Yo may be surprised to learn that mushrooms have worthwhile nutrition value and should be eaten regular to optimize the health benefits that they offer. With a variety of flavours and a meaty texture, the often forgotten mushroom is a versatile ingredient and a tasty addition to many a dish. Mushrooms are a good source of selenium, potassium and some B vitamins (not

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Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is a great way to pack in vegetables and fibre! It is also a perfect meatLESS Monday dish! Print PDF

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Mac ‘n Cheese the Healthy Way

A healthy twist on a favourite dish, this Mac ‘n Cheese is higher in fibre and lower in fat that the traditional recipes out there! Macaroni and cheese is a popular go to dish for a quick family meal and is often made at the request of the smalls in the family. As a result, this dish is consumed with regularity. Mostly served minus vegetables and often with with added bacon,

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Pumpkin & Chickpea Curry

This Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry combines two of my favourite foods and is perfect for MeatLESS Monday or a quick weekend meal. Easy to prepare, it tastes like winter warmth and provides a healthy dose of fibre and vitamin A. It is important to remember that meat free or vegetarian meals still require a protein reich element and as a convenient ingredient, chickpeas provide just that in this dish. Chickpeas,

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