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Spending Christmas with Diabetes {10 rules to success}

Spending Christmas with diabetes might leave you dreading the festive season but there some tricks to both surviving and enjoying the holidays while managing your diabetes. These tips should make juggling special events with blood sugar control somewhat easier. 10 rules to success for spending Christmas with diabetes       1. Do not be too hard on yourself A couple of high readings will not cause long term damage.

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Women and Diabetes

“Women and Diabetes” is the theme for World Diabetes Day this year and it is highly appropriate because women are taking the lead when it comes to the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Given that various lifestyle factors contribute to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the prevention of diabetes must be taken seriously and should start at a young age. In general, the prevention of disease and loss

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Obesity Week: Long Term Success

Overweight and obesity are associated with disease, discomfort and regular disappointment. While weight loss is essential for improved health, rapid weight loss at the expense of your muscle mass is not advised. Constantly losing and regaining weight is not productive nor is it health promoting. Yes, people lose weight when they start Banting or following The Blood Group Diet but it is often more to do with what they are

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Choose WATER – Rethink Your Drink!

“Rethink Your Drink – Choose Water” is the theme for National Nutrition Week, celebrated every year from the 9th to the 15th of October. The theme is selected with the nutritional education needs of South Africans in mind and should therefore not be dismissed. Sugar sweetened beverages are consumed in excessive quantities by many a South African and are contributing to the rise in obesity and diabetes in our country.

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10 Lunch Box Food Safety Tips

Lunch box food safety is an important part of healthy eating as many of the healthy foods and snacks we pack are perishable. As the weather begins to warm up, lunch box food safety is definitely something to factor into lunch meal planning and preparation. For many people, packing fresh, perishable, foods is avoided due to their spoiling nature or the altered taste when eaten warm. These are however the

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Brown Rice Bowls

As brown rice is a wholegrain, it is one of the high fibre carbohydrate containing foods we should be including as part of a nutritious diet. The term ‘well balanced meal’ is no cliche but rather a simplified description of a meal that is nutritionally complete for the complex requirements of our fascinating bodies. The brain needs glucose supplied by unrefined carbs while the muscles need carbs for both fuel

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10 goals for complementary feeding

Complementary feeding is a wonderful opportunity to teach a child how to eat well. Sadly, however, it seems this opportunity is often a missed one. While breastfeeding has a great impact on childhood health and is strongly encouraged for optimal infant health and development, breast milk is part of a bigger picture …  the first 1000 days of life. Infant and toddler feeding is the foundation of a life long relationship with food,

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Dietitians Week 2017 {Nutrition Truths VS Fads}

It is Dietitians Week and this year we are celebrating our profession in true dietetics style… with passion for our cause and our love of evidenced based nutrition facts! This year’s theme is ‘Evidence and Expertise’ Nutrition related information is at our finger tips in a confusing abundance. But is it all true? Honestly, no! There is plenty of misleading, poorly substantiated and plain scary advice out there. It is

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Microbiome Explained

Microbiome is a hot health and nutrition topic but it is by no means a fad. It is here to stay and due to its, relatively recently revealed impact on health, this is a topic that definitely scores high on the ‘knowledge is power’ scale. This section may feel like Biology 101 but the definition alone of the term ‘Microbiome’ helps to emphasize its significance in human health and disease prevention. The

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Safari Just Fruity Animals {Tasted & Trusted}

Just Fruity Animals …   Now, i think you would be hard pressed to find a convenient healthy treat as cute as these! A great lunch box filler or after school snack, these fruity rhinos, elephants, lions, hippos and buffaloes are sure to please any kid. I just loved these when I saw them and wanted to share my opinion and nutritional analysis of them. It is important to reduce

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Smoothie Design

Smoothie design is half the preparation work done. While already quick to prepare, smoothie making can be even quicker if you plan ahead. Simply design a few recipes using the Smoothie Design infographic guide below which will help you create a good balance of nutrients with sensible portion control. It is important to be careful not to create a kilojoule bomb of a smoothie if you are trying to lose

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Love PULSES: 10 reasons to use and LOVE them

Love pulses? What are pulses you ask? The term “pulse” describes any crop grown for the use of the dry seeds only, rather than a fresh vegetable or fruit. Pulses are essentially the seeds we eat from legume plants and include dry beans, dry broad beans, dry peas, chickpeas and lentils. Green beans and green peas, which are considered vegetable crops, are excluded from the legume family. Today, the 18th of January, marks the second annual Global Pulse

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Drinking sugar in excess?

Drinking sugar is often a sugar intake that people forget about and therefore do not account for. As Diabetes month draws to a close and the festive season approaches, taking stock of how much sugar you are drinking is an exercise worth doing. Sugar is hidden in many products and beverages are no exception. The reason for highlighting beverages is the fact that they are consumed in addition to our meals.

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Eyes on Diabetes WDD2016

The scary truth about diabetes is that half the number of people living with diabetes are currently unaware. November is diabetes awareness month and today, the 14th of November, is World Diabetes Day. This year’s theme is “Eyes on Diabetes” with the intention of promoting more screening and encouraging those living with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly. Both of these efforts will result in a reduced incidence of

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Childhood Obesity & Chronic Disease

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions across the globe with latest statistics revealing that if nothing is done to prevent or manage childhood obesity, as many as 268 million school-aged children around the world will be overweight or obese by 2025. This is scary, especially when we attach childhood obesity to the likelihood of adulthood obesity and the resulting risk factors thereof. Overweight and obese children or teens are more

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