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Nutrition Writing

Nutrition writing is one of the many tasks for which dietitians can be consulted. Registered dietitians are armed with both evidence based nutrition information and a strong desire to share it. Distributing nutrition truths is very important in our world filled with modern technology hardly present just two decades ago. Alongside the growth in nutrition research and understanding, there has been extensive growth in access to information published by anyone, anywhere. This makes getting evidence based nutrition messages out there more difficult but all the more necessary.

Industry and media can and should work with dietitians for credible and responsible nutrition publishing. This will help to increase the truth and reduce the noise that has people confused about what to do when it comes to health choices. Registered dietitians are equipped and ethically bound to share truthful nutrition advice for the benefit of the greater public.

I am passionate about nutrition and enjoy contributing to the voice of the media as it presents a great opportunity to share science based nutrition news and education with a large audience. I would like to collaborate with nutrition focused companies or NGOs for the optimization of nutrient intake, disease prevention and health for all.

Please email me to request a quote for nutrition articles, infographics, posters, Q&A’s, recipe submissions and press releases.

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Raising a Food Smart Kid

{Raising a Food Smart Kid was written for an online parenting resource Parenting Hub} I often find myself reminding parents that children learn to eat much in the same way that they learn to walk, talk, read and write.  It is with encouragement and by example that children learn and this applies to healthy eating habits as well. Children will experience hunger and through a process of introducing solids to complement

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