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The following services are offered by Kelly Francis but should you have a any project that requires assistance from a registered dietitian or you would like to collaborate, please contact Kelly via email.

Private Practice

The doors to my private practice, at Westville Hospital in Durban KZN, opened in 2010. With a love for healthy food and a passion for nutrition education, I enjoy helping my clients improve the nutritional quality of their diets. I encourage a focus on nourishment rather than restriction. The human body is fascinating and I firmly believe if people knew how hard the body works each day, healthy eating would be both easy and enjoyable. Read more…

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness should be a consideration for any business owner or manager as employee health affects both absenteeism and productivity while at work. In general, poor health or acute illness reduces performance of staff members. Chronic illness among employees, however, places a constant strain on employee performance and requires intervention for optimum management. Chronic illness may lead to high absenteeism rates or disability. Read more…

Menu Development

Menu development is key in adequate nutrient provision, especially when catering for the daily meal intake of a group of individuals with similar needs. For this reason, dietitians are qualified in food service management, nutritional analysis, menu development and recipe standardization. Adequate nutrient provision is an important element of meal provision and starts with healthy menu planning and recipe standardization. Read more …

Nutrition Writing

Nutrition writing is one of the many tasks for which dietitians can be consulted. Registered dietitians are armed with both evidence based nutrition information and a strong desire to share it. Distributing nutrition truths is very important in our world filled with modern technology hardly present just two decades ago. Alongside the growth in nutrition research and understanding, there has been extensive growth in access to information published by anyone, anywhere. This makes getting evidence based nutrition messages out there more difficult but all the more necessary. Read more …


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