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Butter Bean Smash

This butter bean smash is quick and easy to prepare but is not short on taste. Mashed potatoes is a often a family favourite, described as comfort food. The problem with the peeling of potatoes, however, is the loss of fibre with the loss of the skin. Every meal should contain fibre and leaving the

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Sugar Free Jelly Fun

I recently posted about treats verses snacks and wanted to share an easy way to create novel and fun foods that can be enjoyed as much a treat foods without the added sugar. The sugar free jelly ideas below can be enjoyed as part of a healthy snack, a healthy dessert option or at a

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Soup Mix: All-in-One

  A soup mix is a great thing to have on hand for when you need a comforting meal or cooking inspiration lacks. Lovely for winter, soup can be packed with good nutrition for gut health and immune protection. Using healthy staple pantry items, this healthy soup mix is quick to put together and makes

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Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

This sugar free chocolate cake is a good substitute for the real deal. Its sweetness comes from the banana and date combination rather than an artificial sweetener. These two affordable sugar substitutes also offer nutritive value. While a better choice for people with diabetes, this cake does contain carbohydrates (28 grams per 1/12 slice) and therefore

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