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Dietitians Week 2017 {Nutrition Truths VS Fads}

It is Dietitians Week and this year we are celebrating our profession in true dietetics style… with passion for our cause and our love of evidenced based nutrition facts! This year’s theme is ‘Evidence and Expertise’ Nutrition related information is at our finger tips in a confusing abundance. But is it all true? Honestly, no!

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Eyes on Diabetes WDD2016

The scary truth about diabetes is that half the number of people living with diabetes are currently unaware. November is diabetes awareness month and today, the 14th of November, is World Diabetes Day. This year’s theme is “Eyes on Diabetes” with the intention of promoting more screening and encouraging those living with diabetes to monitor their

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Detox your diet, not your body

 Detox diets are trendy and followed by many, with the belief that they will detox the body, boosting weight loss and overall health. There are a variety of products available to achieve a body detox with extensive advice on the topic to compliment them. I am not in the habit of assigning labels to foods so this

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Work smart, not hard!

Work smart, not hard is my dad’s favourite saying and applies to everything in life. Not only is it a great philosophy, but he is great at it, which gives it much weight and prominence in my mind. I think it is the perfect approach for health management too, a facet of life which has

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