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Obesity Week: Long Term Success

Overweight and obesity are associated with disease, discomfort and regular disappointment. While weight loss is essential for improved health, rapid weight loss at the expense of your muscle mass is not advised. Constantly losing and regaining weight is not productive nor is it health promoting. Yes, people lose weight when they start Banting or following

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Childhood Obesity & Chronic Disease

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions across the globe with latest statistics revealing that if nothing is done to prevent or manage childhood obesity, as many as 268 million school-aged children around the world will be overweight or obese by 2025. This is scary, especially when we attach childhood obesity to the likelihood of adulthood

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The obesity crisis cannot be blamed on carbs alone

Carbohydrates are currently taking the greatest heat for the escalation of obesity worldwide but is this blame game working? The greatest cost of the global obesity epidemic is yet to be felt. Obesity is a risk factor for a multitude of health complications meaning a health crisis far greater than the present number of obese

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