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Tuck Shop He@lth {nutr-e-book}

A Healthy Tuck Shop Make-Over: 

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in South Africa with many of our young children being overweight or obese. Excessive weight gain during childhood contributes to the development of lifestyle diseases in adulthood. Diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes or high blood pressure can be both debilitating and fatal. Apart from the prevention of disease, good nutrition plays an important role in the promotion of optimal growth and development. Adequate brain development is essential for learning and therefore healthy eating is fundamental to a child reaching his/her full potential!

Healthy eating, and therefore nutrition education, is important from an early age! Food sold at school can be the perfect vehicle to educate children about healthy eating …  A healthy tuck shop can expose children to the concepts of variety and balance as well as encourage healthy food choices. A healthy tuck shop can therefore make a valuable contribution to a child’s growth, development and adult health… literally serving its little customers potential for lunch!

healthy tuck shop

As a registered dietitian, I would like the opportunity to give school tuck shops a “nutritional make-over”! My Tuck Shop “Make – Over” Kit will enable schools to provide healthier food options with the same novelty of a traditional tuck shop.

What does the kit contain?

The “Make – Over” Kit is made up of a two PDF documents containing information regarding various tuck shop types and management styles, a food service policy, healthy recipes and sample menus.

Contents of the Make-Over Manual:

  • Overview of tuck shop management
  • Food service policy
  • Sample menus for summer and winter
  • Recommendations for other items including treats
  • Standardised recipes (for a selection of portion numbers)

The recipes include a variety of options in the following categories:

  • Fruit of the Day
  • Dairy Choice
  • Lunch Meal
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Sport Snack Bake

Additional Printables Included:

  • Letter to parents
  • Editable food service policy
  • Menu template
  • Take home menu template

The Tuck Shop Make-Over Manual is delivered via email or Dropbox

The cost of the Tuck Shop Policies and Recipe Manual (PDF) is R300.00 . Email Kelly to place your order.

OR pay using Zapper and email your payment reference to receive your nutr-e-book.

 The Tuck Shop Menu

With the aid of the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines, the menu has been designed to meet the nutritional needs of young growing children for both learning and play.  The food items are generally enjoyed by children and will expose the young learners to the concept of variety and balance. All items are fun and nutritious!

 The Tuck Shop Recipes

Standardized recipes are included for all menu items and include a variety of yields, step-by-step instructions and serving suggestions for increased novelty.


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