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Drinking sugar in excess?

Drinking sugar is often a sugar intake that people forget about and therefore do not account for. As Diabetes month draws to a close and the festive season approaches, taking stock of how much sugar you are drinking is an exercise worth doing. Sugar is hidden in many products and beverages are no exception. The reason

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The obesity crisis cannot be blamed on carbs alone

Carbohydrates are currently taking the greatest heat for the escalation of obesity worldwide but is this blame game working? The greatest cost of the global obesity epidemic is yet to be felt. Obesity is a risk factor for a multitude of health complications meaning a health crisis far greater than the present number of obese

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How much ‘food’ are you drinking?

Are you hiking up your sugar intake with too many sugar containing beverages? Healthy weight maintenance requires a balance between energy input and energy expenditure.  Sustainable weight loss therefore only requires the removal of carbohydrates that you are consuming in excess of what you need for energy.   Drinking beverages that are high in energy makes

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