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Work smart, not hard!

Work smart, not hard is my dad’s favourite saying and applies to everything in life. Not only is it a great philosophy, but he is great at it, which gives it much weight and prominence in my mind. I think it is the perfect approach for health management too, a facet of life which has

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The obesity crisis cannot be blamed on carbs alone

Carbohydrates are currently taking the greatest heat for the escalation of obesity worldwide but is this blame game working? The greatest cost of the global obesity epidemic is yet to be felt. Obesity is a risk factor for a multitude of health complications meaning a health crisis far greater than the present number of obese

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Weight Loss Inhibitors

3 things that could be sabotaging your efforts:     1. Inconsistent exercise: Regular exercise is important for a number of reasons related to weight loss but the muscle mass it sustains is well worth the effort gaining it. Muscle mass declines naturally with age, which means an active pursuit to maintain it is required. Your goals should be

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Recipe for Weight Loss

Weight loss, and how to achieve it, is everywhere, everyday and with more an more social media platforms, it can be an overwhelming topic. Add to the volume of information the total controversy  therein, and many a person is left frustrated and hopeless rather than inspired. For so many weight loss is a struggle that

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How much ‘food’ are you drinking?

Are you hiking up your sugar intake with too many sugar containing beverages? Healthy weight maintenance requires a balance between energy input and energy expenditure.  Sustainable weight loss therefore only requires the removal of carbohydrates that you are consuming in excess of what you need for energy.   Drinking beverages that are high in energy makes

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