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Dietitians Week 2017 {Nutrition Truths VS Fads}

It is Dietitians Week and this year we are celebrating our profession in true dietetics style… with passion for our cause and our love of evidenced based nutrition facts! This year’s theme is ‘Evidence and Expertise’ Nutrition related information is at our finger tips in a confusing abundance. But is it all true? Honestly, no!

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GLUTEN FREE: A nutritional note

Adopting a gluten free diet seems to be on trend at the moment. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats as a storage protein. For people living with coeliac disease, the consumption of gluten causes inflammation and damage to the intestine and must therefore be strictly excluded from their diet. A truly gluten

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Baby Led Weaning

While traditional complementary feeding (introduction to solids) is simply described as the feeding of pureed food with a spoon, Baby Led Weaning is an entirely different approach, seeing infants self-feeding from age 6 months. As Baby Led Weaning gains momentum as a more convenient option that enhances the development of fine motor skills, it is easy to see

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Butter Bean Smash

This butter bean smash is quick and easy to prepare but is not short on taste. Mashed potatoes is a often a family favourite, described as comfort food. The problem with the peeling of potatoes, however, is the loss of fibre with the loss of the skin. Every meal should contain fibre and leaving the

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A matter of FAT

Fat… such a small word, and yet one that has certainly created enough of a stir in the nutrition world to warrant a little investigation. A hot nutrition topic in South Africa of late, a high fat diet was recently advocated at the National Obesity Forum in the UK. Unlike in South Africa, however, this

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