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Butter Bean Smash

This butter bean smash is quick and easy to prepare but is not short on taste. Mashed potatoes is a often a family favourite, described as comfort food. The problem with the peeling of potatoes, however, is the loss of fibre with the loss of the skin. Every meal should contain fibre and leaving the skin on potatoes is an easy way to increase the fibre content. Baby potatoes are recommended for both their fibre rich skin and their lower Gi value, compared to normal potatoes.

butter bean smash

It is important to note that potatoes are not bad. They hold many nutrient properties as a convenient, easy to cook starch option. Retaining the skin and opting for cooking methods other than frying, will optimize the nutrients of potatoes included in meals. Portion size and preparation are important considerations for healthy weight management and optimal blood glucose control. Traditional mashed potatoes often have butter and milk added to make them more creamy. This adds unwanted saturated fats and energy.

This butter bean smash is a combination of baby potatoes and butter beans, which offer additional fibre and lean protein. It can be flavoured as you wish with herbs and spices but instead of butter, a splash of olive oil is enough to achieve a creamy result.

Served with grilled fish or on top of a cottage pie, this version of mashed potatoes is versatile and nutrient rich. The baby potatoes can be prepared in advance (see weekend food prep). This recipe is a great way to use up leftover baby potatoes. As a rule of thumb, use 3 baby potatoes and 1/4 tin of butter beans per serving.

Butter Bean Smash Recipe

By Kelly Published: Sep 9, 2016

  • Yield: 2 Servings
  • Prep: 20 mins

This butter bean smash is quick and easy to prepare but is not short on taste. Mashed potatoes is a often a family favourite, …



  1. Cut baby potatoes into smaller pieces and add to a food processor with the butter beans, olive oil and herbs or spices of choice.
  2. Process the ingredients until creamy.

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