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Eat regularly, but do not graze

While regular nutritious meals promote the maintenance of a healthy weight and stabilize blood glucose levels, grazing on food at random throughout the day has the opposite effect. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, unplanned, unprepared meal times puts you at the risk of grabbing foods that lack nutrients while spiking both your blood

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Putting Carbohydrates in Their Place

Carbohydrate is a naturally widely available nutrient and must therefore be of some significance to nutrition. Ditching all carbs to lose those excess kilograms is not a sustainable weight management solution as carbohydrates are required by the body for optimum functioning and adequate nutrient supply and cannot be avoided forever. That said, the intake of

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How much ‘food’ are you drinking?

Are you hiking up your sugar intake with too many sugar containing beverages? Healthy weight maintenance requires a balance between energy input and energy expenditure.  Sustainable weight loss therefore only requires the removal of carbohydrates that you are consuming in excess of what you need for energy.   Drinking beverages that are high in energy makes

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