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Obesity Week: Long Term Success

Overweight and obesity are associated with disease, discomfort and regular disappointment. While weight loss is essential for improved health, rapid weight loss at the expense of your muscle mass is not advised. Constantly losing and regaining weight is not productive nor is it health promoting. Yes, people lose weight when they start Banting or following

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Butter Bean Smash

This butter bean smash is quick and easy to prepare but is not short on taste. Mashed potatoes is a often a family favourite, described as comfort food. The problem with the peeling of potatoes, however, is the loss of fibre with the loss of the skin. Every meal should contain fibre and leaving the

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Soup Mix: All-in-One

  A soup mix is a great thing to have on hand for when you need a comforting meal or cooking inspiration lacks. Lovely for winter, soup can be packed with good nutrition for gut health and immune protection. Using healthy staple pantry items, this healthy soup mix is quick to put together and makes

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Gluten Free Pancakes

These gluten free pancakes are made with a combination of buckwheat flour and rice flour as alternative to cake flour which contains wheat. These pancakes are a great gluten free starch option for patients with coeliac disease, including those with type one diabetes. While they lack sugar, they also lack fibre and protein. The choice of

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