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Soup Mix: All-in-One


A soup mix is a great thing to have on hand for when you need a comforting meal or cooking inspiration lacks. Lovely for winter, soup can be packed with good nutrition for gut health and immune protection.

soup mix

Using healthy staple pantry items, this healthy soup mix is quick to put together and makes a great gift for a gracious host, a new home, a student, an elderly friend, a bride-to-be or a new mom!

Or simply make your own jars for self-catering holidays in the winter ….

While you can buy packets of soup mix, making your own will encourage you to keep a stock of these individual ingredients in your pantry. Lentils, barley and split red lentils can be added to enhance the nutritional quality and increase the fibre content of many dishes. Out of sight out of mind is too true of a saying. Beautiful jars of these colourful pulses on your pantry shelf will be the perfect reminder to throw them in your cooking. Split red lentils are especially easy to use and they do not require overnight soaking and cook quickly. Simply stir them into mince, stews, curries, rice and soups. They make for a nutrient dense thickening agent.

Printable Soup Labels!

All-in-one Soup Mix

By Kelly Published: Nov 21, 2013

  • Yield: 4-6 Servings
  • Prep: 15 mins

I used a 630ml glar jar (Douwe Egberts 200g coffee jar). The recipe can easily be adjusted to suit a smaller sized jar. If your jar is larger, add whole-wheat pasta screws and add an extra 500 ml of water to the recipe instruction label.



  1. Make the flavour mix by combing all the ingredients and mixing well. Add the mix to the bottom of a clean, dry glass jar.
  2. Layer the soup mix ingredients as ordered in the list of ingredients.
  3. Attach an instruction label to the jar that reads: All - in - one Soup Mix You will need: Jar of All-in-one Soup Mix • 1 carrot, sliced • 1 onion, diced • 1 tin chopped tomatoes Add all the ingredients to a large saucepan with 2 L water. Simmer for an hour until the vegetables are tender.
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