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Dietitians Week 2017 {Nutrition Truths VS Fads}

dietitians week

It is Dietitians Week and this year we are celebrating our profession in true dietetics style… with passion for our cause and our love of evidenced based nutrition facts!

This year’s theme is ‘Evidence and Expertise’

Nutrition related information is at our finger tips in a confusing abundance. But is it all true? Honestly, no! There is plenty of misleading, poorly substantiated and plain scary advice out there.

It is important to seek the truth behind nutrition and general health related advice. If you are making a lifestyle change, do not adopt habits or cut out foods unless you have scientific evidence to support your decision. Deciphering nutrition truths from fads is not easy but dietitians are skilled in this exact area and are therefore able to assist in this conundrum of information overload.

Did you know that dietitians are the only regulated nutrition professionals? Did you know that we are bound by law to act ethically and that our patients are protected in the case of malpractice?

To earn the title ‘Registered Dietitian’, requires a BSc degree, a Postgraduate Diploma and registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Dietitians are well equipped to interpret, discern and disseminate nutrition related scientific evidence. We have to stay up to date with new evidence and are audited at random by the HPCSA to ensure compliance. Dietitians thrive on evidence to provide truthful information to their patients.

You will be surprised to learn the wide variety of roles in which you may find a dietitian. We work in public health, private health, food service, agriculture, research, academia and corporate food production.

Dietetics is science, biology, geography, economics and psychology all in one. Nutrition science is translated by dietitians into achievable dietary interventions for optimal health, disease management and quality of life. This is done with consideration of an individual’s dietary needs AND current lifestyle situation.

To many people’s surprise, dietitians love good food. Due to their creative traits, dietitians enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, translating science into easy healthy meals. Cooking at home is something we encourage and aim to inspire. This week I am celebrating my dietitian friends by sharing their recipes and blogs on Facebook. Be sure to visit for some great recipes and healthy cooking inspiration!

The brain of a dietitian is a complex but exciting one! The infographic below is the perfect insight into a dietitian’s mind when he/she is consulting with you and preparing your meal planner.

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