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Brown Rice Bowls

As brown rice is a wholegrain, it is one of the high fibre carbohydrate containing foods we should be including as part of a nutritious diet. The term ‘well balanced meal’ is no cliche but rather a simplified description of a meal that is nutritionally complete for the complex requirements of our fascinating bodies. The brain needs glucose supplied by unrefined carbs while the muscles need carbs for both fuel and maintenance. Wasting of muscle is unhealthy weight loss especially when we consider that we lose muscle mass as we age. And this loss begins at around age 30!

Including whole grains daily is recommended for adequate nutrient, carbohydrate energy and fibre intake. Whole grains are cereal grains that retain the germ, endosperm and bran components on the original grain at harvest. Refined grains differ in that only the endosperm is retained in the final product. The fibre is lost. Whit flour and maize meal are examples of refined carbohydrates. Steel cut oats, rolled oats, brown rice, sorghum, barley, wheat bran flakes, popcorn, buckwheat, bulgar wheat, quinoa, millet and rye all classify as whole grains.

In such abundance, the whole grains make an excellent high fibre base for any meal. Grain bowls are the perfect example of pairing whole grains with lean protein and vegetables for a tasty but nutritious meal. With a variety of whole grains available,  brown rice bowls are just one of many grain bowls which have become a popular trend. Grain bowls are rather ingenious in my opinion.  The concept is simple but very creative with an endless possibility of combinations. The grain bowl is an easy way to include vegetables in your lunch box and an excellent opportunity to use up odd bits and pieces in the fridge.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be served up as a grain bowl and is especially convenient for students and anybody cooking for one. The ingredients are simple and the method merely requires measuring according to the basic formula below.



brown rice bowls


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