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Healthy Snacks : Snail Naartjie

The inclusion of healthy snacks in the diets of children is very important in the prevention of dietary deficiencies and overeating at meal times. When it comes to eating a variety of nutritious foods, however, busy little bodies and picky eaters may require a little extra encouragement. Sometimes a little creativity is necessary but it need not be time consuming. Watch the video below to learn how to transform a naartjie into a snail in no time at all!

Healthy Snacks Holiday Fun

School holidays are the perfect time to get young children involved in the kitchen, encouraging them to learn about the healthy foods they should be eating often. This naartjie snail is an easy, kid friendly, healthy food prep activity to encourage fruit intake.

Making good food fun might seem like a chore but including your children in the preparation makes it less work and more fun. Vegetable faces for example do not need to be presented as faces. Serve up chopped vegetables and fruit with a paper plate and suddenly you have D.I.Y vegetable faces. Add a hummus or peanut butter yoghurt dip and you have a perfectly healthy fun snack that may have occupied your little ones for a little bit longer.



Healthy Snacks Tutorial : Snail Naartjie

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