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Favourite Find #2 : Running Like a Girl

running like a girl


Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley is well worth a read whether or not your are a runner and whether or not you intend to become one. Full of humour and honesty, Alexandra shares her experience of joining the running world, one step at a time.




“When the morning of The Run came I woke up and immediately ate three slices of toast with honey ‘for energy’. Then I spent at least ninety minutes faffing around on iTunes, trying to compose a playlist of such magnitude that it would propel me around the park, no matter how debilitating I found the experience. Despite my research I had not dared to buy anything new to wear. Instead I dug out some old tracksuit bottoms, last worn when I had adult mumps and watched two Sopranos boxsets on a single weekend. I rifled through my drawers until I found a bra that covered as much of me as possible, somehow hoping to avoid a level of jiggle that marked me as too much of an amateur. And I found some old trainers in the back of a cupboard beneath some festive reindeer antlers.

And then I hit the streets – and failed.”

Alexandra went on to run the London Marathon …

More than simply sharing her own journey, Alexandra shares the secrets and tips she learned the hard way.  From shoes and sports bras to injuries and race day, she covers it all. If you are considering taking up running for fitness, weight loss or recreation, Running Like a Girl will no doubt inspire and motivate you!




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