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Safari Just Fruity Animals {Tasted & Trusted}

Just Fruity Animals …

Just Fruity Animals


Now, i think you would be hard pressed to find a convenient healthy treat as cute as these! A great lunch box filler or after school snack, these fruity rhinos, elephants, lions, hippos and buffaloes are sure to please any kid.

I just loved these when I saw them and wanted to share my opinion and nutritional analysis of them. It is important to reduce the sugar content of lunch boxes while being sure to include enough fibre for healthy tummies. There are plenty opportunities outside of a child’s lunch box to enjoy treats which means there is no need for them at school.

Many people ask me about healthy lunch box snacks. This can be a challenge for picky eaters, active children or long school days. Many schools discourage sweet treats and cold drinks which is wonderful to hear but many moms still seek the convenience of prepackage snacks. Just Fruity Animals are a great option and come in small snack size packets. The mini ones are too cute and perfect for toddler snacking.

These dried fruit animals do not have any cane sugar added which is a real bonus when it comes to convenient snack foods. Each animal has only 5 grams of carbohydrate which means that 3 animals will make up an appropriate fruit portion size.

Just Fruity Animals in use:

These dried fruit animals can also be enjoyed on the weekends:

  • Add the mini Just Fruity Animals to a homemade trail mix
  • Place in little cups on a kids party food table
  • Include mini packets of Just Fruity Animals in party packs
  • Use Just Fruity Animals for family hiking snacks
  • Snack on Just Fruit Animals during road trips
  • Pack Just Fruity Animals for holiday snacking

A note on type 1 Diabetes :

For children with diabetes, one animal can be eaten between meals or before sport without the need for additional insulin. This makes them a perfect sweet, but low carbohydrate addition to a snack of biltong or nuts when blood glucose levels are running high.


Note: This product was not reviewed on request by Safari but rather as a great find to share with readers and clients.

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