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June 1st is World Milk Day and therefore the perfect day to highlight the benefit of milk and its essential role in a healthy diet. Milk contains so much more than just calcium. In addition to being the best source of calcium, milk is an excellent source of protein and contains energy, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin D.

Milk can be consumed as milk, yoghurt or mass and should be incorporated into the daily diet. Aim for 2 – 3 servings of milk, yoghurt or maas to achieve the recommended daily intake.

A serving of milk =

1 cup of milk

OR 40 g cheese, including cottage cheese or feta cheese

OR 200 ml yoghurt or maas

Incorporate unsweetened milk into meals or snacks often.

Many people are currently avoiding milk to avoid the carbohydrate it contains.  Ditching milk carbohydrate results in the neglect of this nutrient rich food source. To achieve the 1000 mg daily target for calcium intake, milk should definitely be on your shopping list! Depending on your energy needs for the day, weight loss goals or cholesterol levels you may choose which type of milk to drink … just be sure to consume a generous daily dose.

Milk Nutrition



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