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Sugar Free Jelly Fun

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I recently posted about treats verses snacks and wanted to share an easy way to create novel and fun foods that can be enjoyed as much a treat foods without the added sugar. The sugar free jelly ideas below can be enjoyed as part of a healthy snack, a healthy dessert option or at a kids party.

Barney Sugar Free jelly powder is a great product for making sugar free desserts or snacks. It is made from only natural ingredients and colourants. Setting the jelly in individual molds will make any jelly ensemble more fun for kids.

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For the apples above, I used an inexpensive silicone ice cube tray. These jelly apples can be used to top with low fat yoghurt, custard or ice cream. Sugar free varieties of these additions are recommended for children or adults living with diabetes or insulin resistance and anyone attempting to lose weight.

Low fat, sugar free custard can be made with custard powder, xylitol and fat free milk. Note that this custard (yoghurt or reduced sugar ice cream) will still be a source of carbohydrates, contributing glucose to the blood stream. The serving size should therefore be restricted to half a cup (125 ml).


As this jelly sets at room temperature, it can be easily transported for a picnic. Set the jelly in small glass jars with lids for a sugar free dessert option. If celebrating an occasion, use decorated jars for easy decor. A custard or vanilla yoghurt layer can be added with berries sprinkled on top.

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Other jelly molding ideas include:

  • Traditional jelly molds
  • Small clear tubs, set the spoon inside the jelly
  • Clear plastic cups – create a rainbow
  • Use a small bowl to create a dome. For a treat, add a bug or fish shaped jelly sweet.
  • Set fresh or tinned fruit in jelly. Note that pineapple will stop jelly from setting.
  • Setting jelly as orange segments: cut an orange in half and scoop out the segments. Fill the empty peel with jelly. Once set, cut into segments. This is a good party idea.

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Jelly is a quick and easy ingredient and a little creativity can go a long way. Enjoy!



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