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Sugar Free Icing

While there are many sugar free or low sugar baking recipes, finding a sugar free icing to decorate these baked goods is not so easy. Most people resort to using fresh cream which is high in saturated fats and not naturally sweet.  Also, when using sugar free alternatives, do not neglect to factor in the other sources of carbohydrate, such as fruit or flour.

It is possible to make sugar free icing sugar with a mixture of cornflour and a sugar substitute, blended in a food processor but this can be costly and is not carbohydrate free.

Sugar free instant pudding is an inexpensive, easy to make, sugar free icing alternative that will contribute very little carbohydrate, if any.

I made these cupcakes, using a previously posted Sugar Free Chocolate Cake recipe. The recipe made 20 cupcakes and requires two 30 gram boxes of sugar free instant pudding to ice each cupcake. Feel free to be creative with your mixture. You could just use one box and extent it with plain yoghurt or cottage cheese.

sugar free icing

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