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Home-Toasted Muesli

Home-Toasted Muesli is a reduced sugar alternative to the store bought varieties because it lacks the honey coating that gives commonly consumed muesli its high sugar content. Swiss style muesli is a lower sugar option because it is raw and does not have this honey coating . Gently home-toasting raw, rolled oats,nuts and seeds, however, brings out a flavour lacking in a Swiss style muesli.

Home-Toasted Muesli

This Home-Toasted Muesli is so quick and simple to make and you have the freedom to make as much or as little as you like. Most importantly, making your favourite foods at home is always the best way to reduce unnecessary, non-nutritious, additives! We need to reduce our intake of excessive sugar, palm oil, salt, artificial flavourings and preservatives.

Rolled oats

The great thing about the Home-Toasted Muesli is that you can change it up, making it different each time. You can take inspiration from your families favourite on-the-go snacks (eg. peanuts and raisins). Or you can give your Home-Toasted Muesli a seasonal flair. Think cinnamon and ginger for Christmas or cranberries for summer.

Using mixture of nuts, seeds and dried fruit is best. Besides a variety flavours and textures, this adds nutrient dimension to your Home-Toasted Muesli!

Home-Toasted Muesli flavour combos I plan to try:

  • Pear, almond and ginger
  • Date, apple, mixed nuts and cinnamon
  • Cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and ground cardamom
  • Apricots, peanuts and pumpkin seeds
  • Raisins, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds

A Little Tip:

I always have a large jar of raw, rolled oats on my pantry shelf which I use for far more than just making porridge for breakfast. I add oats to meat balls, burger patties, stews, muffins and apple crumble. Oat flour is easy to make and adds fibre to ordinary flour when making pancakes or crumpets. Simply blend it until fine in a food processor.

Home-Toasted Muesli Recipe

By Kelly Published: Apr 15, 2019

  • Yield: 6 cups (20 Servings)
  • Prep: 15 mins

Home-Toasted Muesli is a reduced sugar alternative to the store bought varieties because it lacks the honey coating that gives …



  1. In a wok, or large frying pan, heat the oats and sugar gently, stirring continuously
  2. Once the oats start to darken slightly in colour, add the nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Continue to stir for another 5 - 10 minutes until satisfied. Take care not to burn the oats.
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