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After School Snack: Toasties

A healthy after school snack is necessary for growing bodies and busy minds. These snacks are a nutritional opportunity for the support growth and brain health but many moms tell me they battle to find healthy snack options to fill the gap between school and dinner time. This often leads to the overuse of convenient store bought snack items. While crisps and biscuits are obvious poor choices, many snack items such as cereal bars are high in sugar and or fat, making them deceptively healthy.

After school snacking requires adult supervision or at least provision. As far as meals and snacks go, food choices should offer nutrient benefit rather than empty energy. Meals and snacks should include at least two different ingredients. Foods lacking in nutrients should be limited to dessert and enjoyed with others rather than alone. If left to choose between the fruit bowl and the ‘treat’ cupboard, children will typically choose less desirable snack options. While I am not opposed to the occasional family ‘treat’, nutrition must come always come first.

These easy to prepare peanut butter toasties are healthy after school snack options and will supply a variety of nutrients and flavours, promoting satiety and meal satisfaction. Choose a fibre-rich brown low Gi bread rather than a white bread and a ‘no added sugar’ peanut butter for optimal nutrient provision and balance.

Bonus: The peanut butter and date paste is, in my opinion, as good as chocolate spread minus the sugar and I strongly recommend giving it a taste. See more toastie spread ideas below.

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After school snack toasties:

Creamed basil pesto with a dash of sweet chilli sauce

Hummus and grated carrot

Stewed lentils

Tinned fish with cucumber slices

Tuna and cottage cheese

Roasted cherry tomatoes with grated cheese and mixed herbs

Boiled egg with avocado


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