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Peanut & Raisin Snack Domes

Snack Domes are a twist on energy balls I stumbled upon while using a tablespoon measure to scoop up the mixture to achieve equal size portions. (See the graphic below for this time saving trick). Snack time is often the time when people consume high fat foods with added salt or sugar because it is convenient or in some cases cheaper than the healthier option. People also tend to feel like

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Bran Muffins with a Twist

This recipe for bran muffins has a low sugar content, making it a baked treat well worth making at home rather than buying muffins from a supermarket or coffee shop. In addition to the high fibre content, you have the freedom to add more nutrients with fruit, nuts or seeds. Muffins can be topped with peanut butter, cottage cheese or hummus but adding a twist with the optional add-ins below makes this a very versatile

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Homemade Pasta Sauces

Homemade pasta sauces might sound like too much of a chore when a pasta dish is often a quick go to meal when time is short. While very convenient and tasty, store bought pasta sauce jars are generally high in added sugar and/or salt, making them a less healthy option for regular weeknight family dinners. Making your own pasta sauce allows you to cram more vegetables into a fuss free family meal and is

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The Humble EGG

With Easter around the corner, it seems like a good time to shed some light on the nutrient value in a single egg. Eggs have longed been associated with cholesterol, and as a result avoided by many. While it is true that eggs contain cholesterol, they contain a host of other beneficial nutrients too. Cutting eggs out of your diet is likely to do more harm than good.  It is possible

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Overnight Oats

A definite breakfast craze at the moment and an easy way to save time in the morning. Breakfast is essential to supplying your brain with fuel, kick starting your metabolism and meeting your nutrient requirements for the day. How you achieve it is up to you but I love the concept of overnight oats, which allows you to prepare your breakfast in a matter of minutes the night before. There

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Chili Chocolate Popcorn

This chili chocolate popcorn is a conventional healthy snack with a taste twist. Popcorn is a high fibre snack alternative to crisps. Home made is best in order to control portion size and the addition of unwanted kilojoules, but popcorn can be flavoured creatively. Think herbs and spices which can be added to a little canola oil for popping. Snacking is often where the hidden fats and sugars creep into our

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Spiced Hot Chocolate

Spiced hot chocolate is the perfect substitute for a late night snack of chocolate, crisps or biscuits. Rich in calcium, it will still satisfy your chocolate craving. If chili is not your thing, add vanilla paste or chai spice. Milk is rich in calcium and protein which makes this spiced hot chocolate a nutritious after dinner snack. It will keep the midnight hunger at bay and prevent overeating on snack

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Polenta & Paprika Crusted Chicken Breasts

Convenient to come by, chicken breasts are no doubt a great source of lean protein. They do however need some help in the flavour department. Short of deep frying them in a batter, which I cannot recommend, chicken breasts are often too dry or too tough. I find it makes a big difference to pound them between two pieces of cling film (thank you Jaimie Oliver) and marinate them in

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Chicken & Chickpea Casserole

  The simple chickpea is one of my favourite ingredients! Both convenient and nutritious, it is difficult to ignore. To mind the versatility of chickpeas is endless. Think hummus, vegetable protein, pasta sauces, soups, stews and curries… This particular Chicken and Chickpea Casserole recipe forms part of one of my most favourite cooking endevours to date. It was part of a “lunch for 60” that as dietetic students we had to plan,

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Sugar Free Icing

While there are many sugar free or low sugar baking recipes, finding a sugar free icing to decorate these baked goods is not so easy. Most people resort to using fresh cream which is high in saturated fats and not naturally sweet.  Also, when using sugar free alternatives, do not neglect to factor in the other sources of carbohydrate, such as fruit or flour. It is possible to make sugar free icing sugar with

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Simple Healthy Snacks

Simple healthy snacks are an essential part of a healthy diet. It is important not to undo healthy eating at meal times with excessive snacking on non-nutritious foods. Pinterest is full of ideas but all too often we pin rather than do! Tried & tested from Pinterest, these simple healthy snacks are both nutritious and quick to prepare! It is easy to make the mistake that convenience products and shop bought snacks

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Pocket Friendly Trail Mix

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, socialize and exercise at the same time. It is perfect for family outings or group exercise. Whether it is a day hike or part of a camping trip, hiking expends a lot of energy, making regular snacking and hydration important. Try this pocket friendly trail mix for a tasty, nutritious and energy rich hiking snack! Why is it pocket friendly? Because M&Ms

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Sugar Free Jelly Fun

I recently posted about treats verses snacks and wanted to share an easy way to create novel and fun foods that can be enjoyed as much a treat foods without the added sugar. The sugar free jelly ideas below can be enjoyed as part of a healthy snack, a healthy dessert option or at a kids party. Barney Sugar Free jelly powder is a great product for making sugar free desserts

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Cereal Fingers

As these Cereal fingers are made from iron fortified cereals, they make for an iron rich snack. Iron deficiency results in poor concentration, delayed brain development and fatigue, all of which negatively impacts both learning and physical activity. Lunch boxes should make a significant nutrient contribution to children and adults alike. This nutritious lunch box bake can be made with oats and any combination of breakfast cereals in your pantry. Just remember,

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Rooibos Tea Fish Rub

A Rooibos Tea Fish Rub might seem odd to many but Rooibos is a tea we can claim as our very own here in South Africa which makes it rather special. Free from caffeine and low in tannins normally found in black teas, Rooibos tea is preferred by many, especially before bed. There is nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book but the use of

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Hummus made easy

I love chickpeas and therefore I love hummus. Chickpeas are a good source of plant protein and fibre and can be added to many a dish or simply roasted for a healthy snack. Adding chickpeas to soups, stews, curries, salads an roasted vegetables is an easy way to add more fibre to your family meals. Canned chickpeas are a great pantry staple but you can also cook up a large

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Easter Egg Toast Fun

Egg toast is a great breakfast option and enjoyed by most. This quick meal can take on many varieties and designs … scrambled egg, poach egg, French toast, boiled egg with toast soldiers … and even egg in toast!  As this takes a little more time and creativity, it is perfect for novel occasions when you want to present something  little more special. The cut out shape has endless possibilities! To

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Healthy Snacks : Snail Naartjie

The inclusion of healthy snacks in the diets of children is very important in the prevention of dietary deficiencies and overeating at meal times. When it comes to eating a variety of nutritious foods, however, busy little bodies and picky eaters may require a little extra encouragement. Sometimes a little creativity is necessary but it need not be time consuming. Watch the video below to learn how to transform a naartjie into

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